About Shoe Addicts

shoe1When we were kids, we all loved to dress mom’s shoes and fantasize about how we’ll wear high heels when we grow up older. When that finally happened today, some of us weren’t necessarily interested in high heels, but find pleasure in sneakers, flats or even something else.

We wear shoes every day, but most importantly, they made us feel good. Sometimes clothes don’t look fine, we have a bad hair day or we didn’t put on makeup well. But shoes always fit and give us confidence.

Often happens that we notice beautiful shoes on a women who’s passing by, but we’re too embarrassed to ask where they were purchased. Shoe Addicts came from that idea.

We wanted to show women (and men) around the world that they can show the shoes that they wear, follow the trends, and without hassle ask others everything they want to know about their shoes history.

And it is quite certain that we at Shoe Addicts hear a lot of nice stories about them!

Do not hesitate to contact us.